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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Automatic tin

1.Technical parameters:

2. Description:
      Automatic tin machine is dedicated to the development of a primary lead and lead-free solder tin casting, etc., has been the national Patent Office issued a patent certificate. Is a means of automatic control, can automatically put the water pouring into the tin tin mold in the machine, to be cured water cooling tin can automatically tin top out and play flag ingredients, especially its ability to simultaneously casting multiple, production efficiency is high, and measurement precision, pouring evenly.
The machine consists of automatic tin frame, tin water incubator, metering funnel, tin mold, the top of agencies, actuators and electrical control system。
      Water from the melting pot tin tin tin machine injected into the incubator, the incubator, further tin water temperature adjusted to achieve optimum casting temperature. Incubator tin valve is opened, water will flow into the tin pot tin, the tin pot has a thermal insulation function, to prevent the water temperature drop of tin, to ensure the desired casting temperature and then automatically to the template Tin-cast tin water-cooled and solidified, the thimble automatically tin from the mold from the top. VT-20A to be hand on the tin removed from the template, and the VT-20A automatic type is a template automatically flip, automatic mode, automatic feeding function.
      1, high production efficiency, yield: the machine is able to automatically and continuously work to reduce the use of hand-cast tin water install take workload and efficient effort。
      2. Measurement precision, weight control: Metering is controlled by a solenoid valve actuator movement can be accurately controlled tin tin pot pour water time.
      3. Easy to operate, safe and reliable: tin water pouring control system is done automatically, without casting such as manual labor intensity, simply operate on the control panel can be easily completed. Water is a hot tin items, hand-cast in the operating personnel is often easy to burn, cast by machine, you can avoid this from happening.
      4, in the casting process to achieve automatic feeding, automatic counting, automatic timed out mode。

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