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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Automatic wire Winding machine

1.Technical parameters:

2. Description:
      VT-06A belongs tin line-up machine for automatic admission wound type, mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder wire packaging, is obtained by a good wire drawing machine drawing close around the spool, the completion of the final product processes。Automatic closing line machine with automatic record meter stop, break down, since the row automatic queuing line function. This equipment includes rack, active device, the clamping device, the tension pulley set, cable and copper wheels, electric control parts and other components. Active devices which have motors, electromagnetic brake, thimble and hand wheel, the power to the motor through V-belt on the spindle, the electromagnetic brake and emergency brake for full plate.
       Clamping device has a head and a clamping cylinder for quick clamping reel achieve closing line function.

      The machine nice shape, low noise, simple operation, cable tidy, materials for smaller diameter than the semi-automatic winding-up machine better.

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