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Solder Paste Mixing Equipment

Vacuum emulsifying machine

vacuum emulsifying machine technical parameters:

 Equipment Description:

      The vacuum emulsifying machine is designed with the pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, soldering industry and other mass Cream, Honey class economy class products such as milk lotion designed and manufactured.
      The machine beautiful shape, small size, light weight, some contact with the material used in all high-quality stainless steel, the pot inside each connection are made smooth arc transition, with discharge valve under the pot facilitate the discharge of sewage cleaning to ensure that no residual material pot。 Intermittent high shear homogenizer head, fixed rotor structure is designed to claw dual bite, the material from both the upper and lower stator inhalation, doubling the probability of shear, while avoiding the upper material is easy to produce dead issue.
      This machine is suitable for fine emulsification, high-quality and efficient mixing separation。 Full scraping the wall tumbling mixing materials containing dead。


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