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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Hydraulic solder bar Stamping machine

1. Technical parameters:

     The hydraulic extruder coder is supporting the use of equipment and can extruder out tin tin automatic measurement of length, precise control of the weight of tin, can automatically cut off while printing on the tin Manufacturers trademarks and tin components of the machine, to overcome the traditional tin casting weight of each is difficult to ensure consistent, tin poor quality, likely to contain impurities, surface defects such as easily oxidized to produce high quality tin of products, but also safer production。 The machine is mainly suitable for the required size of the triangle and trapezoid and rectangular tin (either select one specification)。
     It mainly consists of frame, guide, play yards cutting device, the length measuring device, tin conveying device, receiving, hydraulic system and electric control parts and other components。
     Tin came out from the extruder into the hydraulic tin coders, tin adjusted first positioned along the guide groove straight forward, followed by length measurement, by the limit switch control, when tin the tip reaches the switch control point signal, a code on the device two cylinders cut down the pressure, respectively, in tin tin stamped on trademarks and ingredients, while cutting off the fuel tank under the tool to push, the tin cut or chop with tin in the tool bar contact, tools, stamps, tin together to move forward, to prevent every pause play yards off the tin when bending deformation of the phenomenon, when tin was cut off, the length of the cylinder release on the metering device and reset, tin fell conveyor, conveyor brought the tin rewinding units in the closing stage of the tin material can be packed.
     Scope: For a lead-free solder bar cutting dozen yards.
     1. High production efficiency: capable of continuous automatic coding cut to achieve a mechatronics.
     2. Tin of good quality: smooth surface, no oxidation, no holes, end formation, the same length.
     3. Easy to operate, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, safe and reliable.
     4. Machine is compact and easy maintenance.
     5. Using double coding design, respectively, in the same tin tin marked trademarks and ingredients.
     6. Hydraulic coding mode, powerful, large-sized tin can meet production requirements.
     7. Using flat knife cut way design, tin ports smooth without marks.

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