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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Anode rod cutting machine

1. Technical parameters:

2. Description:
      Anode rod cutting machine is suitable for cutting the anode rod, composed of the machine and the extruder linkage, online cutting。
      This machine is from the rack, cutting device, clip feeding device, pneumatic system and electrical control system。
      The anode rod extrusion machine out, I entered the anode cutting machine, when it reaches the set length, the clamping cylinder moves, the anode rod clamped, then the motor starts cutting device, cutting device through the cylinder pushing forward, high-speed rotating the anode rod alloy cutting blade, the cutting process, the cutting means, together with the clip feed means is an anode rod with the rail moving forward speed, when the anode rod is cut, the cutting means, clip feeding device is reset , for the next cut.
3. Features:
      1. High production efficiency: capable of continuous automatic cutting, and extrusion machine to achieve linkage.
      2. Bar of good quality: end formation, the same length.
      3. Easy to operate, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, safe and reliable.
      4. Machine is compact and easy maintenance.

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