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Pure Zinc wire Processing Equipment

Zinc wire rolling mill

First, the technical parameters:

Second, the device description:
This series of zinc wire rolling mill is our own research and development, with the advanced technology of our products have obtained national patent office issued a patent certificate, the model is mainly for rolling pure zinc wire, zinc and tin alloy wire and other materials for the production .
This series of zinc wire rolling mill mainly by the body, straightening wire feed mechanism, rolling body, closing line agencies, cooling and lubrication systems, transmission systems, electronic control part is composed. Combination with steel welded steel body, a small box with cast gearbox。 Transmission part adopts helical gears and spiral bevel gear drive, and then roll through the use of special alloy steel heat treatment process management, with ultra-resistant shock, etc., roll form part of the use spray cooling and lubrication. Powered by frequency stepless speed control。
In the body are arranged in parallel with a plurality of roller boxes, each roll box with longitudinal and transverse two pairs of rolls, the two pair of nip roll, respectively horizontal and vertical distribution, the roll after rolling diameter is in proportion to gradually become smaller , the compression ratio is based on the characteristics of the design according to the material extends, each second compression are of equal value, when the wire through the rolls, the material roll is rotating roll, pressure is small wire from the roll after the extrusion, the final The traction device delivered to the closing of the wire trays, achieving wire roll.
Third, the device features:
A high production efficiency: the ability of large diameter line, is generally not the water tank drawing machine.
2, low energy consumption: no need to use eye mode, because the work without drawing dies, reducing the wire through the mold deformation after heat and wire EDM friction heat generated energy; work process is a straight line toward the wire, reducing thread on the tower wheel heat generated by the bending deformation; during the rolling process the slip amount of the wire is small, consumes less wasted effort.
3, the noise is low: the traditional tank drawing machine wire drawing process in the tower wheel slip, and wire EDM noise generated through the larger, and during the rolling mill roll wire without jitter, slipping through the rollers is small, the low noise.
4, without the use of wire drawing dies: simple operation, saving wear-mode time, reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency。
5, the production of good quality wire rod: after the sequence is not easy to break drawing, wire after rolling through denser metal structure will improve elongation。


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