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Solder Powder Production equipment

Tin powder atomizing plant

Tin Powder Production Line

         Tin powder production line, including milling machines, under the feeder and screening machine。 The production line is using the latest technology and with centrifugal atomization weightlessness electromagnetic vibration feeder system with ultrasonic vibration screening machine。 Able to produce according to market demand hypoxia, high roundness of T3, T4, T5, and other specifications of tin powder. About 2 tons per day total milling, spray rate of about 70%, about 40% yield. Tin powder mass to achieve J-STD-006 standard. The following is an electromagnetic vibration feeder principle, there are two models to choose from, with manual control and weight loss control, weight loss system can be very average and stable under the quantity according to the set for the next feeding.
1 large output, daily output can reach more than 2 tons.
2 wide applicability to produce lead-free powder, tin lead powder, lead powder tin-silver, tin bismuth silver, tin, zinc, and other varieties。
3 low oxygen, high roundness rate
4 Equipped with remote control contact, easy to upgrade to the overall production line automation and remote monitoring。
5 simple operation, low failure rate and maintenance easy.
Screening machine
1 unique one-piece pre-tensioned mesh sieve tensioning bid farewell to the past, many structural and operational aspects of the possible lack of mesh tension, uneven and short life problems。
2 advanced intelligent eccentric disk system, without disassembly, without tools to quickly adjust the vibration force and precise control over the size of the screen surface material trajectory。
3 a device can be mounted four screens simultaneously, to achieve five different granularity filtering.
4 whole design is simple and efficient, the same diameter of the machine, we will be able to use a smaller horsepower drive to save energy。
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