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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Germany type Micro drawing machine

1. Technical parameters:

2 Description:
      This series belongs to West Germany drawing machine drawing machine, mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder and tin alloy wire drawing.
      This machine adopts German drawing techniques developed models, designed for horizontal structure, powered by a main motor via chain drive axle at each tower。 After a round tin line drawing line planes into the chamber through the pulley, wire drawing dies for drawing。 Tension wire cooling method is the use of spray and semi-dipping。 Followed through and then after capstan wheel traction after entering the take-up reel。 Tension pulley single row horizontally。
      The West German steel wire drawing machine body with a combination of welding steel tower wheel drive with double chain drive pulley surface is specially treated to increase the surface hardness and roughness, dual traction wheel structure, using inserts into the mold base design, to ensure pull extending center distance, reduce breakage probability, drawing tank top with hinged protective lid closed startup to prevent coolant splashing. Cooling circulating water tank with electric heating function, to ensure that the drawing process requirements.
      This machine is high efficiency, elegant design, low noise, simple operation, safe and reliable.

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