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Polishing equipment

Shuimo drawing machine

     KJ8801 mill drawing machine is our self-developed products, the product used in the production of various small flat metal products, sanding, drawing, deburring of special equipment, ultra-high precision, through actual production assay。 Maximum flatness can reach 0。02mm。
How it works:
     The models derived using the principle of surface grinding, the workpiece table into the working point belt, belt automatic pressure for drawing operations, workbench for automatic swing movements.
Technical parameters:
      1. Working range: up to 100 * 100mm Applicable
      2. Main motor power: four, 5.5KW;
      3. swing motor power: 0.75KW four
      4. Lifting motor power: 0.4KW four
      5. belt speed: 18 m / sec
      6. Belt Size: 3000mm * 150mm
      7. workpiece speed: 2 / min.
      8. Total Power: 7KW
      9。 Dimensions: 2100mm * 1450mm * 16000mm
Product Features:
     The drawing machine as a conventional mill processing equipment, production capacity with high precision, automatic cooling water circulation system, to lower the workpiece in the processing heat generated during the thermal deformation, the main product categories of processed glass doors, stainless steel module.


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