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Solder Paste Mixing Equipment

CNC solder paste mixer

       The solder paste mixer is a set of reactions, mixing, kneading homogenizing into one versatile and efficient products, broken down by double planetary mixing modes and three planets two, the use of computer-controlled electrical control system, equipped with video monitoring system。 Widely used in battery slurry, paste pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cream, food pastes, and other electronic solder paste body, the slurry stirred。
This series solder paste mixer is from the upper beam, the plane seat, square column, lifting mechanism, lifts and straight track, on the barrel, mixing bucket, vacuum pump, buffer tank, transmission, electric control cabinet and operation panel other components
A) mixing drum: two-layer structure, barrel body jacket, inside and outside lamps with 304 # stainless steel, jacketed spoiler, bottom of the barrel jacket, 4 sheave bottom of the barrel, the barrel body with handles. After turning deflector jacket, uniform cooling of the cooling water barrel materials, ensure that the material process temperature uniformity. The flange surface and the barrel inner face by turning to ensure that the tube wall and the gap is in a small-cage within the barrel so that all the materials were sufficiently stirred.
2) stir cage: double planetary mixer features two specially designed stainless steel precision casting curve modeling stir cage, the cage rotates between the two regions staggered stir in the double planetary transmission driven by two throwing cage with the carrier for both revolution while for each rotation, so that the barrel material is thoroughly stirred three planetary mixer with three stainless steel stir cage, the cage side stir stir stir plate and the bottom plate has a non-metallic spatula, mixing drum wall and on the bottom of the barrel materials for scraping. In the planetary gear system driven by three throwing cage with the carrier for both the revolution, while for each rotation, so that the material is no dead zone barrel stir. Speed according to the temperature sensitivity of mixing materials can be used for frequency control, temperature-sensitive a lower speed, low sensitivity to temperature using high speed, in order to improve mixing efficiency.
3) on the barrel: the barrel is 304 stainless steel, is a component of the seal chamber, on a vacuum line and vacuum gauge, illuminated windows, observation window.
4) Transmission system: using planetary gear transmission principle, the realization throwing cage and carrier revolution, while each also for rotation. Transmission system adopts inverter control revolution and rotation speed.
5) Vacuum system: mixing drum with the barrel between the barrel and frame between the drive shaft and frame are made between the seal design, dynamic seal with mechanical seals, static seals with silicone rubber O- pieces。 Vacuum pump rotary vane vacuum pump, so that the barrel material in a vacuum environment to achieve mixing, mixing of materials to meet specific process requirements。
6) Lift system: screw jacks, lifts, linear guide components for conveying mixing bucket lift, easy mixing, filling and discharge。
7) Control system: stirring speed controlled by frequency conversion; mixing bucket with the planet carrier rotates together with the thermocouple temperature measurement means for controlling the temperature of the barrel material; mixing bucket positioning, up, down both proximity switch control and a safety interlock logic control, a safe sound and light alarm。
8) using the video system to facilitate monitoring operation or office.

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