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Pure Zinc wire Processing Equipment

CNC Solder wire Extruder

First, the technical parameters:
Second, the device description:
     This series extruder is our self-developed products, microcomputer PLC control of the new models have obtained national patent office issued a patent certificate, the tonnage models are mainly applicable product types are:
(A) VT-250T ~ 350T extrusion machine:
(1) pewter wire (extrusion specifications φ5-φ16mm);
     a, solder wire: can be extruded lead 10-99.95% of pewter
     b, can be extruded single and three rosin core solder wire;
(2) Lead free solder wire (extrusion grades φ5-φ16mm)
     a, Sn-Cu lead-free solder;
     b, tin-silver lead-free solder;
     c, tin-silver-copper-lead-free solder lead-free solder tin and zinc (Zn-containing not more than 25%);
     d, above solder wire can be squeezed into a single and three other rosin core solder wire;
(3) with lead-free solder bar (must be configured to cut coder)
(Two) VT-500T extrusion machine:
(1) Lead-Free Solder (extrusion grades φ5-φ16mm)
     a。 Sn-Cu lead-free solder;
     b。 tin-silver lead-free solder;
     c. SnAgCu lead-free solder tin;
     d。 above solder can be squeezed into a single and three other rosin core solder wire;
     e. tin-zinc alloy wire (Zn-containing not more than 50%);
(2) Lead anodes (anode rod cutting machine must be configured):
     This series of extruders by the mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, heating systems, control systems of five parts. Division I is successful absorption of foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of an advanced horizontal extrusion machine, with saving time, effort, low energy consumption, stable performance. Extruder master cylinder piston composite picture using the cylinder structure, the successful absorption of foreign advanced hydraulic speed control technology to protect the security of the hydraulic system.
1, the master cylinder: the piston cylinder (GTZ), the working pressure error (0.002KG) with a constant speed and stability characteristics powerful hydraulic system to safeguard the liquidity squeeze metals and rosin stability.
2, built-in sub-tank: filled with fast, reducing load time and quick to work pressure, improve efficiency of the function.
Third, the device features:
1, the extrusion machine adopts microcomputer PLC control, operation via touch screen (HMI) requirements of process parameters on the product set and modify
Greatly improving the mechanical properties of accuracy and automation, easy operation。 Technicians can operate via touch screen process parameters for different products are stored to the PLC, the job, simply select the categories you can set a good production process automation, enterprise solutions for the training of hand-cooked troubles。
2, the control circuit is DC24V, more safety for persons and equipment.
3, the use of sophisticated EC10-4TC module temperature control system, more precise control of the heating temperature needed for the production, temperature error of only ± 10 ℃, thus improving the stability of product quality, while the timer switch can be set to four groups , with a warm-up ahead, enabling employees to work at any time at work.
4, the microcomputer set alarm and automatic fault diagnosis function, when the mechanical failure, you can quickly identify root causes of failure by the PLC, greatly reducing maintenance time and improve production efficiency。
5, using imported programmable controller, so that the machinery running more stable and long life.

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