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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Manual hemisphere machine

1. Technical parameters:

2. Description:
      The machine is used to produce semi-hemispherical ball equipment, is the use of hand-casting method to produce a hemispherical product. In casting the molten solder ball good tin tin pot into the water first, the hand holding a tin pot put a tin of water were poured into a hemispherical mold cavity where the template to be cured flips, tin ball gravity itself off from the die cavity, rolled through the trough to feed the receipt in the box, the template to its original flat position for the next casting.
      Scope: For lead, lead-free solder ball casting half.
3. Features:
      1 mold made of high strength tool steel, to ensure that mold durable, tin smooth surface, small deformation.
      2 The machine structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

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