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Pure Zinc wire Processing Equipment

Cast zinc smelting furnace

2. Description
VT-1.0T equipment is electrically heated flat lead type cast zinc smelting furnace, mainly used for the production of zinc wire. Flat lead type melting furnace for cast zinc specifications zinc wire diameter is φ12 traction, the operation process is simple, stable product quality, not easy to broken wires subsequent drawing.
The cast zinc smelting furnace equipment available for pure zinc (pure zinc raw material) melting and continuous traction, melting raw materials for the sub-chamber heating zones, heating zones traction, traction can guarantee continuous, without adding material impact, improve productivity efficiency.
  The temperature of the molten material reaches the traction entered graphite mold, graphite mold the zinc solution is cooled and solidified by cooling water after pulling out, the wire is wound on the take-up end plate。
3. Features
1, the electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of each group, reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm。
2, this product has a melting furnace cast zinc furnace temperature responsive, energy saving, easy operation and practical, safe and reliable.

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