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Solder Powder Production equipment

Centrifugal tin powder Atomizing machine

Centrifuga atomizing machine

      Centrifugal milling machine is made of metal powder is an important method used in processing equipment, as powder size, shape and controllable cost and continuous attention has been paid. But subject to technical limitations, commonly also used domestic metal milling and ultrasonic aerosol spray, aerosol although the yield is higher, but the large amount of inert gas required to protect and atomized waste in the production process so that a large number of inert gas in the production costs also increased a lot. powder produced is quite irregular, finished low efficiency of ultrasonic atomization Although high sphericity narrow range, but the yield is low. abroad, especially in some Western countries, centrifugal atomization has gradually replaced the gas atomization and ultrasonic atomization. centrifugal atomization metal milling machine will be a trend in the future.

      The basic process of centrifugal atomization, from the melting unit out of the molten metal was good diversion through the guide means to the rotation center of the disc, then the effect of inertia and centrifugal throw the molten metal distribution in the radial direction and open to the rotating disc forming a thin film. When the film reaches the edge of the rotating disk, which is atomized into droplets. After solidification of these droplets form a powder. Produce high roundness of a variety of specifications of the metal powder.

The basic parameters of the device:
Equipment size:
      Diameter of 2.50 m
      Height 3.20 m
      Wall thickness of 8 mm

Device Utility Performance:
      1 Vacuum degree:-0。1Mpa
      2 oxygen content inside: <100PPM
      3 Motor speed: up to 120,000 rev / min
      4 Powder Shape: Spherical
      5 micron powder size :15-53
      6 Capacity: 130KG / H
      7 atomization rate: 70%

      An automatic cooling system that can be kept at room temperature produced
      2 automatic supply of oxygen and nitrogen
      3 atomization system to maintain low internal pressure range of long-term stability
      4 automatic nozzle cleaning system prevents nozzle clogging and flow instability
      5 high-speed imported motor, capable of producing the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th pink powder.

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