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Polishing equipment

Square tube polishing machine

      KJ613 square tube automatic polishing machine is our self-developed products, after years of research and production, and the number of customers using interactive feedback Tidianyixian, and now already belong to the level of the industry's top models, the products are used production of various types of metal rectangular tube automatic precision polishing products processing operations.
How it works:
      The models with upper and lower wheel clamping principle derived from the means of conveyance, conveying wheel clamping workpieces through linear motion and make it work conveyed forward by type operation processing practices.
Technical parameters:
      1. Processing range: Suitable for processing products for the rectangular tube products, such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and other tubing surface finish, over sand, brushed。
      2. Motor power: two, 4KW;
      3. polishing wheel speed: 25 m / sec
      4. Polishing wheel: Φ350mm
      5. polishing maximum thickness: 200mm
      6. Conveyor speed 0-3 m / min
      7。 Drive: 380V 3.7KW
      8。 Total Power: 52KW
      9. Dimensi ons: 4000mm * 1850mm * 1550mm
Product Features:
      Automatic polishing machine in this paragraph have the production speed, adaptable, polishing head placed in the main structure of the four sides, four sides simultaneously processed products, polishing head according to customer demand for the product, increasing automatic compensation, polishing head rotation, automatic spray wax and other devices, flexible operation there is always a way to fit your needs and use features。
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