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Solder Powder Production equipment

Electric heating Tin furnace

1. Technical parameters:

2.Device description:
      This series belongs to the conventional electric melting furnace melting furnace, heating wire heating using heat, mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder and tin alloy smelting. The melting furnace by melt mixing device, exhaust hood and electrical control system.
      Melt the outer layer of steel plate welded structure, the inner tin pot with 304 stainless steel。
      Stirring means is to be tin, and the added material is completely melted, to make an additive mixed with the tin, the need for a liquid solder bath and stirred. Stirring device from the motor, and the stirring impeller axes.
      Exhaust hood is steel welding parts, tin-pot fixed on the top side of a door, for investment casting materials and other operations, the top has a smoke hole for connecting smoke exhaust system.
3. Features:
      1, stirrer speed to achieve frequency control, speed adjustable, can meet the technological requirements of different materials.
      2, the electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of each group, reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm.
      3, this product has the furnace temperature responsive, energy saving, easy operation and practical, safe and reliable。


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