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Vibrating screening equipment

Bags tilt shaker

     Power tilt shaker bags are in the low-type screening machine (also known as vertical domestic sieve) based on the increase pouring platform, is designed for mixed bags of raw materials, processing, pre-treatment and developed. This design allows the filter bag material and screening more simple and quick, and effective in reducing dust during pouring proliferation, reduce operator work unnecessary clean environment, while reducing the loss of material agglomeration and filtration raw materials and foreign matter to ensure that raw particle uniformity and security. Humane platform height design to eliminate workers harmed during the operation of the situation. Retained the low-profile platform sieve screening machine (vertical screen) vertical bottom discharge type design, the material smooth, less residue, and allows users to connect directly with the vacuum system for material handling and match different process applications. Through the dust port, you can connect the device to the original factory dust collection systems into a unified, or separate collection and improve the cleanliness of the workshop and the full recovery of available materials. Witt bags tilt shaker for a variety of applications to provide more efficient, more economical and safer screening application solutions.

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