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Polishing equipment

large triangular wire drawing machine

      KJ510D large flat triangle drawing machine is my company La Sila grain conventional surface treatment equipment upgrades version of the product, the product is used in the production of the large flat metal products, sanding, drawing, deburring of special equipment, the applicable type workpieces chassis, chassis, large plates, large panels.
How it works:
      The model uses the table manually advance and retreat, the workpiece table into the working point belt, belt manually depressed, for drawing operations.Technical parameters:

      1. Working range: up to 1900 * 900mm Applicable
      2。 Main motor power: four, 3KW;

      3. Table size: 2000mm * 1000mm

      4. elt speed: 20

      5. Belt Size: 5540mm * 100mm

      6. Total power: 3KW

      7. Dimensions: 3500mm * 650mm * 1650mm

Product Features:
       The large flat triangle drawing machine belongs to conventional processing equipment, with simple and practical performance and strong production capacity, belt replacement fast, according to customer requirements Configure automatic lift table mechanism.

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