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Polishing equipment

Large flat polishing machine

      KJ315A large flat automatic polishing machine is our self-developed products, after years of research and production, and the number of customers using interactive feedback Tidianyixian, and now already belong to the level of the industry's top models, the products are used the production of various types of hardware products large flat automatic coarse, fine polishing processing operations.
How it works:
      The model uses the table automatically retreat, automatic swing, automatic polishing head lift linkage sport, finished products, large flat workpiece polishing operations.
Technical parameters:
     1. Processing range: suitable for the hardware industry shape neat square, square, round flat workpieces。
     2. Motor power: two, 7。5KW;
     3. polishing wheel speed: 25 m / sec
     4. Polishing wheel: Φ350mm
     5。 polishing maximum thickness: 1300mm
     6。 workbench retreat speed :0.5-2 seconds / second (transposition)
     7。 Drive: 380V 2.2KW
     8. Total Power: 13KW
     9. Dimensions: 4500mm * 1400mm * 1400mm
ct Features:
      Automatic polishing machine in this paragraph have the consistent production of quality products to meet a wide range of machining, polishing head placed above the table, the product moves to the polishing head below the polishing head start automatic pressure processed products. 2000mm workpiece according to the longest product, for example, every three minutes can be processed a product.


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