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Solder Powder Production equipment

Ultrasonic Atomizing machine

The characteristics of the equipmen-Ultrasonic Atomizing  machine
1, the equipment is specially designed for the generation of high purity with narrow particle size distribution and spherical solder powder, per hour production capacity is expected to 50 kg, can run continuously.
2, ultrasonic atomizer to produce powder particle size distribution is: greater than 75 micron particles accounted for 5% of the total weight of less than 20 micron particles accounted for less than 1% of the total weight. Powder particle size distribution is only very small amounts less than 20 microns. Suitable for producing powder powder no. 3 and 4.
2, ultrasonic equipment parameters of the milling machine
1, the melting furnace
250 kg of stainless steel pressure tank furnace is placed in an insulated box, electric heating and temperature control function
Can, a single melting can be dressed up 250 kg solder. After melting furnace to be filling nitrogen.
2, spray cans
Stainless steel material is qualitative, inner surface polishing, water jacket has the overall observation and imported vacuum tank。 Mounted on the tank and ancillary charge powder cans, instruments and meters, etc。 (such as oxygen monitoring instrument, the vacuum meter, gas purification, etc。)。 The entire spray tanks including fixed instrument, ultrasonic and powder in a closed tank at the exit of a butterfly valve。
Three, vacuum pump
A set of vacuum system for taking time to spray cans, so that the inert gas replacement air. This set of vacuum system
Are fixed on the "base".
4, oxygen table
For monitoring oxygen atomization tank level. Can control the oxygen content of the spray cans. The oxygen table is set
To form a complete set in the control enclosure。
5, loading and unloading platform
When installing a atomization pot use, including the steps, lifting movement device and pulley device three parts. General steps
To the spray cans observation mouth; Lifting mobile devices are used to collect powder tank is installed to the spray cans on the correct position; Pulley device used for mobile in spray cans at the bottom of the powder tank。
6, powder tank
3 a capacity of 250 kg of stainless steel vacuum powder cans, used to collect the solder powder. Equipped with butterfly valve and above
Joint, facilitate tank gas and inert gas exchange。
7, the control panel
A vertical control cabinet, including vacuum, inert gas, ultrasonic, compressed air, heating, melting furnace, oxygen, table, etc. The operations control. The whole control system of PLC control system for PCS (PC - programmable logic controller) system and will include a touch screen operation system. Control panel with (air conditioning) system, to ensure the operation reliability of electronic components.
8, spray head regulator
A set of ultrasonic system electronic control device, the user can use the steel bar making atomizer head.
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