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Polishing equipment

CNC profiling automatic drawing machine

      kJ8811CNC profiling automatic drawing machine is our self-developed products, the product used in the production of various large plastic electroplating brushed workpiece surface such as brushed metal surface shell special equipment, high precision, after the actual production assay。 Take the knife to achieve maximum flatness 0.02mm.
How it works:
      The models with four-axis CNC linkage method, the workpiece is fixed working table, drawing head CNC programming mode automatically go under the knife and automatic wear compensation, for drawing operations, workbench for automatic swing movements。
Technical parameters:
      1。 Working range: up to 1000 * 1000mm Applicable
      2。 L-axis motor power: four, 1.1KW;
      3。 X-axis motor power: 0.75KW four
      4. Y-axis motor power: 0.75KW four
      5. Z-axis motor power: 0。75KW four
      6. Processing Supplies: Nylon
      7. workpiece speed: 1/10
      8 .Total power: 5KW
      9. Dimensions: 2100mm * 2100mm * 2100mm
Product Features:
      The drawing machine is precision CNC machining equipment, with Vientiane Production capacity, the installation of automatic water cooling circulation system, to lower the workpiece in the processing heat generated during the thermal deformation, the main processing of the washing product categories shell, box body, the refrigerator door, door frame, a train window, plastic frame flat-panel TVs and other products。


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