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Zinc alloy Making Equipment

Bar thermostatic oven

First, the technical parameters:
Second, the device description:
     The device is a thermostatic oven electric heating rods, mainly for rod zinc tin alloy, zinc aluminum alloy annealed to improve the metal internal organizational structure, further add to facilitate follow-up work in preparation。
     Bars of the furnace chamber and heated furnace furnace two parts, the furnace chamber is heated by means of heating pipes, insulation, complete bars preheating furnace chamber is provided with two guide rails for the storage of the material to be annealed, there are about 8 ° chute slope to facilitate circular orbit scroll bar. Furnace is heated oven shell, furnace body is filled with insulation materials, heat insulation effect, to prevent heat loss from the furnace chamber and burns on people. Of heating tube 18, the total power 18KW, for heating the material in the furnace chamber, when the bar is heated in the furnace chamber to the desired setting process according to the material requirements, and material in the process of eliminating the residual stress, in order to achieve the purpose of softening annealing. 0.37KW furnace has two fans, is to anneal temperature uniformity throughout the chamber to prevent the top temperature is higher, while the bottom was reached in to the required temperature, the temperature control more accurate. Electric furnace control system can automatically control the temperature reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm.
     This product has a furnace temperature responsive, energy saving, easy operation and practical, safe and reliable.

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